Dan Waterman kills the audience with his ring routine (2019)

Ready to start the 2019 OMSI Maker’s Faire.

Mike Sturgeon performs his world famous Tiny Plunger trick!

Lance Coombes performs a mind blowing Rubik’s Cube effect.

Brian Sarlo and Damien Colby keep the boys in blue entertained at OMSI

Mike Sturgeon does a great “One ahead/one behind” lecture 2019. (picture by Darren Sethe 2019)

Alex Killian wins the 2019 Portland Magic Jam competition (photo by Darren Sethe)

Briuabn and Andrew get down to business 2019 (picture by Duane Duvall 2019).

Jim Brinkman, Carey Heim, Mel Anderson, Robert Brown, Gaetan Delatour, and our special unicorn guest all deep in thought…2019. (Photo by Darren Sethe 2019).

Mel Anderson wows the crowd with some card work (photo by Darren Sethe 2019).

Larry Seymour wins first place with his wand routine (Photo by Darren Sethe 2018)

Brian Proctor and the legendary card puke (Photo by Darren Sethe 2018)

Carey Heim is looking hot as ever…(2019)

Aaron O’Neal shows one of his favorite coin tricks (photo by Darren Sethe 2019)

Robert Brown and Daryl at PSM (2017)

Jordan Dyke does what he does best- spread the joy of magic (2019 OMSI)

Carey Heim performs at the 2019 PSM fund raiser. His hands are so fast event he camera couldn’t capture a clean image.

Jim Straight does his famous “piggy” trick.

Jordan shows off his cup and balls routine 2019 (photo by Darren Sethe)

Mike Sturgeon gives an incredible lecture 2019 (picture by Duane Duvall 2019).

Brian Proctor does a matrix lessons and proceeds to blow our minds 2019. (Photo by Darren Sethe 2019)

Brian tries to impress April while Greg Moreland and Carey Heim watch (photo by Darren Sethe 2019)

The PSM banner gets dusted off and comes out for a visit (photo by Darren Sethe 2019).

Aaron O’Neal does a lecture as Jo Ann Brinkman and Chris Perisich get suckered into helping (2019)

Troy Davis showing off his coin skills (Photos by Darren Sethe 2018)

Carey Heim doing what he does best (2019)

A day in the life… (photo by Darren Sethe 2019)

Carey Heim and Dan Waterman warming up for their fund

Aaron O’Neal works the main stage at OMSI.

Alex Killian helps David Regal at the Magic Jam 2019 (photo by Darren Sethe)

Whoa! (picture by Darren Sethe)

Brian, Jamie, Darren, Damien working hard 2019 (picture by Duane Duval 2019).

Carey Heim does what he does best…blows minds and melts faces 2019 (picture by Duane Duvall 2019).

Mike Sturgeon doing a lecture with the new close up camera. April makes the mistake of siting in the front row. If you sit in the front row…you will be part of the show 2019. (Photo by Darren Sethe 2019).

Gavel Time! Let the fun begin…2019. (Photo by Teresa Raihala-Sethe 2019).

Damien and Alex doing some brainstorming (picture by Darren Sethe 2019)

Frank Brislawn and Joseph Ruiz get free boxes of cards, and then decide to destroy everyone of them practicing their Mercury Card Folds (photo by Darren Sethe 2019)

Brian Proctor amazes kids and parents alike (Photo by Darren Sethe 2018)

Fire wallets are always fun. Just ask Brian Proctor (Phots by Darren Sethe 2018)